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KS Jaya Engineering was Established in 2018, to be the listed company as surveillance system company in Malaysia in 8 years onward.


Activity Of Planning And Organizing A Business’s Resources


Planning And Organising KS Jaya Engineering Skills Help You Manage Time, Tools And Resources To Reach A Goal.
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ELV System for Buildings stands for Mechanical and Electrical (M&E) extra-low voltage System deployed in residential and commercial buildings for the purposes of better control and security

Extra-Low Voltage System

  • Local Area Networks(LAN) using Fiber Optic, Copper or Wireless
  • CCTV/ IP Surveillance
  • Door Access Control
  • Lift Access Control
  • Parking Management
  • Barrier Gate
  • IT Support / Consultation
  • End Point Security
  • Server and systems

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You’ve probably got lots of expensive things in your home & office, not to mention the gadgets you carry around, like mobiles or tablets. Electronics, jewellery and sentimental items are not cheap to replace so it’s important to do everything you can to protect them.

Prevent Before It Happens

CCTV or DATA surveillance systems become more easily integrated with monitoring devices, alarm systems and access control devices, a third use of CCTV is gaining momentum: Helping security personnel to identify and interrupt security breaches as they’re occurring, or even before they take place.
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KS Jaya Company Profile

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Opportunity to take the full charge of your premises, whether it is residential or commercial building

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Access Card System

The Security And Safety Of Employees Is As Important As Security Of Assets.

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Car Park System / Touch ‘n Go system

A Car Parking System Is A Mechanical Device That Multiplies Parking Capacity Inside A Parking Lot Intergrated With Touch N’ Go System

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Auto Gate

We Are Commited To Providing Our Clients With The Most Affordable Yet Quality Autogate Solution In Malaysia.

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Barrier Gate

We Can Provide You With Amazing Barrier Gates Of High Quality For Various Purposes

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IT Networking

IT Networking Specialist Analyze, Troubleshoot And Evaluate Computer Network Problems. More Advanced It Pros May Be Responsible For Building And Designing Communication Networks As Well

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IT Support

According To Cisco, The Number Of Devices Connected To IP Networks Will Be More Than Three Times The Global Population By 2023 Network Engineers.

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End Point Security

KS Jaya Engineering can help Malaysian enterprises and public sector institutions achieve these goals. It’s managed security services ensure that you have access to the best

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Server and system

We offers reliable IT support for your servers, network and other IT systems. We have extensive experience supporting a wide range of servers, with a primary focus on Microsoft servers. From configuration and installation to server migrations and office relocations, we have many years of experience managing IT systems in dynamic and demanding work environments.

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Wireless Access Point

When connectivity really matters, organizations turn to Wireless. We offer indoor and outdoor wireless access points to fit just about any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario

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